Patterned Tile Trend

So, about four months ago, one of the largest flooring and surface trade shows took place in Orlando, Florida.  This was called Coverings.  It isn’t every year that our staff gets to participate in visiting this huge and exciting show that exhibits flooring and countertop exhibitors from all over the world.  Among our staff that were able to participate, three of our talented design consultants were able to experience this amazing show.  This show is one that tends to set the stage for, and give a sneak peak into the future of upcoming trends in the market.

One of the newest and most popular trends that our ladies found to be incredibly abundant is what we like to call “quilted’ look or could also be called just pattern tile.

This is a really cool look in our opinion, and can be very versatile.  The colors themes and schemes we tend to see coming from the manufacturers so far tend to stay in line with the current color trends that have already been in place for the last couple of years. These tend to be muted greys, taupes or blues, and often a mix of these colors.

This Emil Group Provenza product is called Dust:


This Interceramic version called Murcia has a lot more color to it, but still has a faded look, it comes in a 13×13 square with 4 motifs per square:RS_Murcia_Ariana_Decorative


The sizes of this tile style can range anywhere from a listello sized accent like this 3×12 from Florida Tile’s line called Level 10.  Or, also from the same line is a set of four single 9×9 tiles that have the same pattern variation.

FTI33300AL3X12a           A

Florid Tile Level 10

We are also running into a new hexagon fad, which I can discuss more in detail later.

Briefly though, this hexagon fad is also tending to be styled with these randomized pattern designs like Ragno’s Rewind series which comes in an 8×8 deco piece and ha 13 different motifs that are randomized within


This style we are seeing as typically being used for decorative purposes as seen in some of the pictures. Either a small accent piece on the floor, or as a backsplash for a kitchen.  It would really look cool though as a complete floor application though, maybe in a smaller space like a bathroom or kitchen (See above picture).

What do you think of this trend? Is it cool, tacky, pretty? Is it here to stay? Let us know what you think!