Please don’t “swab the deck”!

Just bein’ real about cleaning hardwood floors here, cause sometimes you just GOT to be real, ya’ know?  So, this isn’t a boat and we aren’t gonna clean it like one…


Custom Floors will always recommend broom sweeping wood floors as your primary means of maintenance.


Done regularly, this will remove loose debris.  We also suggest that you dry mop/dust, and spot clean when needed.  

IF necessary, an overall thorough cleaning may be done using the manufacturers recommended method.  

(All of their websites have readily available information about this, or your Custom Floors sales person will help you get those.)


If using a cleaning solution with a high content of water the floor MUST be vacuumed and dust removed first, and then MUST be dried immediately afterwards!

Do NOT wet mop and air dry as this process WILL ruin your wood floors.

We call this “swabbing the deck”

Moisture in wood is expected and wood is going to move around – it just IS.  Remember how wood floors have all the feels? 

Moisture related changes are considered natural characteristics of wood by all manufacturers.  Manufacturers warrant their floor to meet only their manufacturing standards, while Custom Floors warrants the quality of workmanship when installing for one year.

Excessive moisture related issues are not covered under any manufacturer’s warranty so it is best to prevent and protect than to react later to a problem.

A “multi-year”, or “lifetime” warranty, is still a limited warranty!


An extra word of caution:

While Custom Floors and your builder/contractor (if you have one) will take precautions to prevent this, drywall dust on a floor can turn rock solid if it gets wet.  It is almost impossible to clean out of the wood grains after this so make sure to pre-sweep/vacuum really well BEFORE using any liquid to clean the floor- when there are other construction projects going on around the house.