So, You want Wood Flooring…

Ok, so you are wanting to put hardwood flooring into your home.


Now let see our options…


Let’s talk showroom samples…

(this is a sample of the floor you like, this is only a sample… beeeeep….)

The samples from which you select your floor typically exhibit less than two square feet, while your floor will typically comprise hundreds if not thousands of times that area right?

Again we emphasize, NO two trees are alike!
That’s the beauty!



A “sample” has aged for an undetermined period of time, and has been subject to varying types of elemental exposure. Alternatively, your new floor is just that, new; it has not had the chance to “age”… And they say age is JUST a number …

ALL wood species will darken or lighten over time. The finish WILL ware. The floor DOES move with the seasons.
Don’t worry, this is expected, and is perfectly normal!

You ever notice how in the winter your doors get easier to close and in the summer the doors get harder to close? It’s the moisture in the air. Wood is a living, breathing thing. Just because it has been cut doesn’t mean it still can’t “feel”, and believe me… wood floors will be very vocal about their feels (more on this later).


Exotic Woods

Exotic imports and American cherry are particularly sensitive to both indoor lighting and sun light. Even stained floors will experience color changes over time and exposure to lighting.
Expect to occasionally move area rugs and furniture to keep the color changes uniform.

So… keep in mind that when buying a floor, don’t expect a sample to exhibit all possible color and grain variation you will see in your installed floor.

We recommend seeing multiple samples if you are concerned. Or, you may order a box of your desired floor to see a larger area. The cost will be applied towards your purchase should you approve the wood.