Unique Nature – No Two Trees Are Alike


First things first…

Trees can have varying grain patterns, mineral streaks, shading and color, some big knots or little knots…

Like all things in nature, no two trees are alike.
And that’s the beauty of it!

Some tree species have more of this “character” than others, and the way the tree is cut into planks can also determine the visual of the flooring.

How much character should you expect?

This can depend upon the grade of flooring chosen. Higher grades are more uniform and “clear” while lower grades are more rustic and varied.
Grade in this case is NOT synonymous with durability or quality.

Some styles of flooring are designed to have more variation and character than others.

Wood Species?
All wood species has different features and benefits to them such as hardness, ability to finish, grain patterns and a host of other features that make each wood species unique.

Maples have very little grain pattern and are more likely to show wear patterns, scratching and denting.
Harder species such as Oak and Hickory, with more grain, are less likely to show ware as quickly.

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