Rename It – Remodel It

Bathroom, restroom, loo, little boys room, water closet, john, washroom, powder room, latrine, ladies room, privy, men’s room, washroom, toilet, outhouse…in our house we call it the library.   Wouldn’t it be nice to call it a Retreat or Spa?  Most of us use it as a retreat anyway.  Why not make your bathroom feel like one?  Here are some ideas to get you started on your Dream Bathroom Retreat.

What’s your style?  Look at the rest of your home.  Are you traditional, modern or farmhouse?  Maybe eclectic?  There are as many styles as there are names for the bathroom.  The knowledgeable designers and sales staff at Custom Floors can assist with determining your style.  They will steer you in the right direction with choices that fit your preferences.  Selections of flooring, countertops and tiles are shown throughout the 20,000 sq ft showroom.Jesse Drab to Fab2

Flooring:  It’s important to consider the atmosphere of your new bathroom retreat.  Remember it’s humid, wet and warm most of the time.  You want to pick a flooring that can withstand these conditions and not be a hazard.

  • Vinyl floors come in many colors and sizes, too.  Luxury vinyl tiles and planks can give the look of hardwood but add durability and safety.  Now that most of these are interlocking and backed with waterproof materials you no longer have to worry about what the water will do to your floors.
  • Ceramic, Porcelain and Glass tiles come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors.  So, tiles are a great option for any style. To avoid a wet, slippery floor choose tiles with texture.  Small tiles are less of a hazard because the multiple grout lines add traction to the floor.

Counters:  Bathroom countertops have to face as much as our floors; Water and humidity plus cosmetics, hair products and perfumes.  It’s imperative to choose the one that will work best for your new retreat.

  • Granite and Marble have been favoritGalyean Bathroombes for quite some time.  What’s not to like…Natural Stone is nearly impervious to heat, it’s durable and almost maintenance free.  Granite is one of nature’s most beautiful of all stones.  Come for a tour of our nearly 850 slabs.
  • Quartz is an engineered stone product made from ground-up quartz and other stone materials, then mixed with resin and pigments.  Quartz is less porous than natural stones and as a result, is more stain-resistant and stronger.

Showers:  There are several choices of materials for the shower/tub surfaces.

  • Use tiles for a perfect touch of luxury. It’s easy with all the hundreds of choices in our showroom.  From small penny tiles to unique shaped tiles.  Mix it up and install a few different tiles or tile materials.  A shower wall of glass tiles and a floor of pebble tiles makes a gorgeous statement.
  • Ceramic or Porcelain planks are great choices. Porcelain is denser and more water-resistant than ceramic.  But the price is usually less for ceramic.  Both will serve well in the shower because of their durability.  Grout is applied between the tiles to make them water-tight and easy to maintain.Galyean Shower

At Custom Floors/Stone we have the answers for your Dream Bathroom Retreat questions.

We hope to see you soon!

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