Create a Home that says “Spring”

Spring is Here!

macro photography of white poppy flower
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Nearly everyone is celebrating the end of Winter.  What’s not to celebrate…flowers budding, bulbs sprouting, trees blooming and we can finally dump that bulky coat.  At Custom Floors and Custom Stone, we unveiled our new showroom after remodeling this Winter.

Much like the rebirth of nature, Spring inspires us to look for ways to renew our surroundings.   We long to make our homes feel lighter and more carefree.  Perhaps you are just beginning to revamp your house.  Or maybe you have the home remodel or purchase plans worked out and are in the building process.  Either way, Spring brings the hunt for a more natural feel to our homes.


Pebble ChoicesNatural materials make great Home Décor choices.  There are plenty to choose from.

Here are just a few ideas for material options and ideas:

  • Natural and Eco-friendly fibers such as cotton, bamboo, sisal, and seagrass
  • Consider stones like granite and quartz
  • Or, choose a renewable source using the reflective light of Glass Tiles
  • Use natural pebbles in place of tiles in a bathroom or backsplash
  • Sustainable materials include hardwood and wood simulated planks

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A Short Guide of Custom Floors

Clearly, Custom Floors’ (circa 1990) and Custom Stone’s founder, Jerry Hall, was thinking of his clients when he designed the state-of-the-art showroom in Fishers, Indiana.  With 20,000 square feet, this showroom can’t be rivaled.  From the peaceful fountain to the galleries, Jerry was thoughtful of the end user.  With nearly 30 years since the creation of Custom Floors, he knows how to please customers.  Here is a quick tour of what you will find at Custom Floors and Custom Stone(circa 2006).

At the front door, each client enters a reception area unknown to most flooring stores.  Each person is greeted, directed to a gallery of products they are searching for and offered a beverage as a staff member is called to assist.  While this is an open showroom, Custom Floors and Custom Stone has designers on staff that work mostly by appointment.  However, customers do not have to have an appointment.  Our clientele also includes builders, contractors, independent designers and retail customers.

Best Fountain PicAs visitors continue into the facilities, they will notice the specially designed fountain that spans from the floor to the ceiling.  The water flowing down the tiles gives a feeling of comfort and peace, making the stress of decision making just a bit easier.  Often we find coins in the water.  There’s been no word regarding wishes coming true, though.

Custom Floors thoughtfully designed the walkways to incorporate various tile and flooring choices.  Each walkway leads to a separate component of home design choices such as tile, granite, carpet, hardwood and laminate floors.  Many of our customers can be found wandering from section to section even though they might be visiting for one particular item.  This is a key component to Custom Floors’ design – make it easy to find additional needed products.

And, let’s not forget Custom Stone.  There are hundreds of granite slabs to view indoors. Custom Stone also has Quartz and Quartzite.  And, 2 salesmen with plenty of experience to assist with your project decisions.  Additionally, Custom Stone fabricates your stone in-house.

Custom Floors believes you will find the showroom an experience.  The staff agrees, there is nothing like it in this region.  It’s definitely worth a visit.  Custom Floors and Custom Stone is located at 11777 Exit Five, Fishes, Indiana 46037, across the street from Top Golf.  We look forward to your visit.