Don’t Forget the Rugs!

Are you beginning to remodel or build a new home?  When it comes to home decor, don’t forget the area rugs.  Area rugs are the perfect complement to any room.  There are many reasons to have an area rug.  With today’s open-concept spaces, a rug is needed to define specific areas of the room.  For example, a sitting area near a fireplace.  Area rugs protect your hard surfaces.  Rugs enhance your style or serve as a focal point. Finally, an area rug can add a feeling of comfort and warmth.Kane Fringe Rug

Red RugBUT, before you run out to look for a ready-made rug, consider a made-to-order Custom Rug from Custom Floors.  There are many carpets and carpet brands that can be made into a custom rug.  We even carry sisal and wool carpets that make excellent rugs.  You have options when selecting a rug made from carpet.  Beyond being able to choose the carpet design, you can also choose the backing, the edge type and the edge material.

20 Twenty Stair RunnerThere are several advantages of a custom rug from carpet.  But one of the best reasons is the ability to choose the exact size and shape needed.  When purchasing read-made rugs, you are stuck with the standard sizes.  However, when you order a custom rug, you choose the size according to your preferences and size of the space in your home.  Do you have stairs in need of a runner?  Choose a custom rug as your runner.  We recently installed this gorgeous runner in a new home.

Edge typesThe choices are just beginning as you choose the type of edge you desire.  Finished edge materials include leather and cotton fabric in varying colors and widths that, again, you choose.  Do you prefer a serged or binding edge?  We offer choices these, as well.  There are several styles of binding available, including tassel fringe. 

Lastly, choose the backing for your custom carpet.  Backing choices include felt, non-skid/non-slip padding and an outdoor cushion. Of course, you can choose no backing.  Padding under a rug provides extra comfort, safety and plushness.

We are certain you will enjoy a custom rug from Custom Floors.  Schedule an appointment to view all your options.  We look forward to seeing you, soon.